Twitter Exchange with Curt Schilling Makes News


Politically and Spiritually, I consider myself a truth seeker.  I am not interested in taking sides and the only bias I have is towards the truth.  Often times, on social media, I come across something that is blatantly false.  I immediately feel a deep seeded responsibility, Spiritually and ethically, to shine the light of truth on whatever untruths, half-truths, or twisted words and ideas I come across.  This action on my part is not always welcomed with open arms and appreciation, but, that’s okay.  I’m not driven by a need to impress and I’m not looking for acknowledgements or recognition of any kind.  I just want the truth to be out there, and perhaps it will be bright enough for others to see in the shadows of lies that exist in the world, especially on the internet.

One such incident took place recently and was mentioned briefly at the end of an article in the Providence Journal (link below).  Sometimes the light of truth is so bright (or obvious) that the falsehoods, towards which it’s aimed, are completely overwhelmed and obliterated, hopefully, forever.

Yesterday, the Attorney General’s Office and the Rhode Island State Police announced that after a four year long investigation, no criminal charges will be filed against anyone associated with the 38 Studios debacle, a scandal involving a $75 million loan guarantee and a failed gaming company that has cast a cloud over the State House for the past six years.

Providence Journal political columnist Edward Fitzpatrick engaged Curt Schilling (World Series champion with the Boston Red Sox, and the principle owner of the now bankrupt video game company) on Twitter and asked for his reaction to the news. After reading Schilling’s reaction, I decided to ask a very basic question of Schilling (from my Twitter account @libertyquaker) and after you read the article by Katie Mulvaney and Kate Bramson from today’s paper, you’ll understand why this story has continued to cause headaches for Rhode Islanders who are still desperately looking for the truth, and how one company was awarded such a large sum of money by legislators who apparently had no idea what they were voting on.

UPDATE: Due to this exchange, Curt Schilling has blocked me from his Twitter account.  The light of truth can be blinding.


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