Five Reasons Why Christians Should Vote for Gary Johnson


This year’s Presidential election may be one of the hardest for Christians, who are faced with making a decision between two morally compromised candidates in Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  However, there is a third viable option for those of you who may consider sitting out this election cycle; Gary Johnson.  The former New Mexico Governor is running as a Libertarian and will be on the ballot in all fifty states (it’s likely that the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, will not be on ballots in enough states to mathematically be elected President).  Governor Johnson is not a perfect candidate, but he is the best option we have in this election.  Listed below are five reasons why Christians should vote for Gary Johnson in November.


#5   Immigration Reform


Gary Johnson’s views on immigration were forged during his time as the Governor of New Mexico, one of a handful of states on our southern border.  His first hand experience in dealing with this issue gives him more credibility than either of the other two candidates.  Gov. Johnson knows that the vast majority of people who come to the United States, legally or illegally, are looking for job opportunities.  They are some of the hardest working members in the labor force and many of them are doing jobs that American citizens don’t want to do.  Gary Johnson’s plan is to simplify the process so that anyone who wants to come to the United States to work can do so easily.  He wants to issue more work visas and his humanitarian approach to immigration is something Christians can get behind.


#4  Ending the Drug War


The war on drugs has, quite possibly, ruined more lives than any other US policy since the Vietnam War.   Millions of people have been sent to prison for non-violent drug offenses and the laws currently on the books seem to disproportionately affect the poor.  Gov. Johnson is in favor of the full legalization of cannabis, a measure that would have kept more than 700,000 people out of prison in 2014.  Gary Johnson wants to treat drug abusers as medical cases, not criminals.  He has also said that he will de-schedule cannabis on his first day in office, allowing for more medical research.  Legalizing cannabis will also open up a whole new industry that will create new job opportunities.  A compassionate approach to the issue of drug use is in keeping with Christian values and Gary Johnson has been a proponent of that approach for more than 20 years.


#3  Environmental Protection


Gary Johnson’s campaign website says, “The environment is a precious gift and must be protected.”  He believes that pollution is a violation of property rights, and therefore, the government should play a role in protecting those rights.  The Governor is also a firm believer in the motto, “Think globally, act locally.”  He wants to give environmental authority back to the states and their local communities.  The natural world is God’s first creation and each of us has a right to it.  If we vote for Gary Johnson, we can rest assured that our natural resources will be protected.


#2  Paying Our Debts and Balancing Budgets


The national debt of the United States has ballooned to over $19 trillion and both major political parties are to blame.  Year after year, the federal government spends billions (sometimes trillions) of dollars more than it generates in tax revenues.  There is no integrity in spending money we don’t have.  Furthermore, the debt crisis combined with runaway inflation may very well be the greatest threat to our national security and could lead to an economic collapse of biblical proportions.  Gary Johnson, known as “Governor Veto” during his time in office, cut spending in New Mexico by vetoing over 750 budget bills, he balanced the budget, and left the state with a $1 billion surplus.  Wasteful and reckless spending is a sin in a nation where millions struggle every day to make ends meet, and if elected, Gary Johnson will put a stop to it by exercising the veto power of the Presidency.


#1  No More Wars


On his campaign website, Gary Johnson says, “Looking back over the past couple of decades, it is difficult to see how the wars we have waged, the interventions we have conducted, the lives sacrificed, and the trillions of tax dollars we have spent on the other side of the globe have made us safer. If anything, our meddling in the affairs of other nations has made us less safe.”  Governor Johnson has said he will cut military and defense spending by at least 20%, a figure no other candidate has even come close to promising.  He will focus our efforts on defense, not offense, and will not send one soldier into harms way unless there is a declaration of war by the Congress as prescribed by the Constitution (something that hasn’t happened since 1941).  Gary Johnson is the peace candidate in this election.  Non-violence is a fundamental tenet of Christianity and a vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for peace.


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