The Power of Peaceful Persuasion

As a Friend, how do I seek to change the world?  First, I must ask myself, how have I been changed?  Was I changed by force?  Was I changed by coercion?  Was I changed by the letter of the law?  Or, was I changed by the peaceful persuasion of the Spirit and Its powerful presence?  If I were to use the power of the state to change the world, I fear I’d succeed only in altering its form and function.  In using government authority, I fear I’d fail to exact meaningful, long-lasting change within the hearts of the people.  Change at the hands of the state is made by swords and by spears.  It leaves in its wake a thousand wounds for every bleeding heart.  Change at the hands of the Spirit however, is made by prudence, peace, and love.  It heals all wounds with patience; it fills all hearts with joy.



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