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My name is Eric Palmieri and I am a Libertarian Quaker activist, writer, and composer from Rhode Island advocating for free markets and free societies.  I have recently enrolled in the Mises Curriculum, an independent study program consisting of more than fifty courses on economic theory, history, and politics that is offered by the Mises Institute, a world renowned think tank focused on the Austrian School of economic thought.

As both a practicing Quaker and a Libertarian, I believe strongly in the nonaggression principle (NAP).  This principle serves as the foundation for all of my views on politics and economics.  Governments should exist only to protect the life, liberty, and property of individual members of a society.  I believe it should be illegal for individuals and governments alike to use force, or the threat of force, to violate these natural rights, and in this regard I draw no distinction between social, political, and economic structures.

Individuals should be free to associate with whomever they want, free to adopt and express any political view, and free to engage in commerce with one another.  The famous Austiran economist Ludwig von Mises said, “One cannot have political freedom without economic freedom.”  I agree with this view.  A free and open marketplace is essential to a free and open society.  I also believe that it is the free market that ultimately creates a more fair and prosperous environment for all individuals, so long as our economic activities do not violate the natural rights of others.

I am also a composer and poet.  You can listen to some of my compositions and find info about my first published book, a collection of poetry entitled “Winter’s Promise and Other Poems,” by following the “Other Projects” tab on the homepage.

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Eric Palmieri


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