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Senators Reed and Whitehouse Vote in Favor of Billion Dollar Arms Deal with Saudi Arabia 


This article was published by Liberty RI on 9/22/16 and briefly discusses the votes taken by both RI Senators in support of a major arms deal with Saudi Arabia.  CLICK HERE 

The Power of Peaceful Persuasion


As a Friend, how do I seek to change the world? First, I must ask myself, how have I been changed?

Five Reasons Why Christians Should Vote for Gary Johnson


Five Reasons Why Christians Should Vote for Gary Johnson

Bring Them Home. Bring Them ALL Home.


We need not go to war in order to be aggressive. The mere presence of our military in other countries sends a signal of aggression to the rest of the world…

The Problem with State Sponsored Socialism


There is a problem, of course, with the socialist (and yes, even the “democratic” socialist) system as we know it. The entire system is predicated on what is little more than legalized theft…