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One Friend’s Experiment in Search of Clearness

Questionable Campaign Spending by Representative Ken Marshall


This investigative piece about the questionable spending of a local state representative was published by Liberty RI on 10/12/16 CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE

Five Reasons Why Christians Should Vote for Gary Johnson


Five Reasons Why Christians Should Vote for Gary Johnson

Large and In Charge

Large and In Charge: An Interview with Tony Jones

This interview with State Director for the 2016 Johnson campaign, Tony Jones, appeared on the LibertyRI blog on June 1st, 2016.

Every Party Has a Pooper: Why I’m Leaving Party Politics For Good


Why do we align ourselves with political parties?  Why, as Friends, do we decide to join a particular side in the ongoing battle of national and local politics?  We may take one side over the other as a way to bear witness to our…